Wedding Development

Posted on: Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First off, I got my ring back! Shiny and sparkly like new. It's weird that this is the first time they've both been on my finger, complete and not-broken (I noticed my engagement ring was missing a diamond the day before we got married. womp). Luckily it's pretty grey out so I won't get distracted by the sparkles while driving.

Secondly, I found our wedding photographer!
The lovely and talented Jana Scott. I saw her work and instantly loved it. Mom and I went to meet her last Thursday and we both really liked her. She is artistic and organized and will be there from start to finish! She had a little packet all ready to go over with us and had a lot of samples to show us. The wedding pictures are definitely one of the most important puzzle pieces of this event, in my opinion. There is hardly a photographic trace that Kyle and I actually like each other, and zero pictures from the day we got married.  I've wanted good pictures of Kyle and I for a long time, and knowing I will finally get them makes me really happy! I am also glad to check something off the wedding to do list.


You can find much more of here work here at her website. I am so excited!

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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