After Work Thoughts

Posted on: Thursday, September 15, 2011

 I love my job at PATH.
I am the last to leave but it's OK.
This tree is outside work and the sun was setting nicely.
It was so chilly today I loved it! It is supposed to be low of 35 tonight. Fall is coming!
NINE months until the wedding!
Husband will be back by then.
My cute husband (everyone has been saying so).
I think I've found our photographer...
I picked up a dead bird at work yesterday. 
I could have sworn the Parks & Rec season premiere was tonight but now I'm told it is next Thursday.
It's Always Sunny is tonight though I think!
Need to redo my nails
And get a nail file....such a scratchy noise they make though.
I wish I could find those little boots from last fall again. 
They were perfect and I wore them out.
I think this is the least tired I've been all day...
I wish a singer wouldn't win America's Got Talent for once.
I like this whale.
Husband has been watching Dexter.
I need to get some postcards to send out.
Coming Soon: the story of our road trip to El Paso!
I hope husband gets r&r to some see me.
I think I want to work with kids (for my future job when I grow up).
I think I should maybe get a coffee maker?
I don't usually drink coffee.
But maybe I will start now that I am a working grown up who doesn't sleep much.


- From the desk of Mrs. M


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