Out to the Farm

Posted on: Monday, September 5, 2011

It was a little rainy but I got a bunch of pictures of the General Potter Farm, the site of the June 15, 2012 McPherson wedding, for reference and planning and so those helping me plan know what they're working with! There was a wedding held there yesterday, so what you see inside are the remains of what looked to be a garden party / French theme wedding. It is pretty much fully customizable with decorating, tables, and lights and so on, so what you see here is not what our wedding will look like. Here is a look at the layout as well. I labeled the different sections so you know where each photo corresponds to. 
 front entrance

 view of a from b
 view of e from c
 c view of front entrance
 kitchen area at f
 large changing/ get ready area g
 in d, view of c, b, a
 really cool basement area
 view from basement
 out around back
 I don't think the bike comes with the rental, sorry babe

 d; stairs to a little area upstairs. This is where they put their dj we were told. 
 view from the little nook
 c, b, a

 head table

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. hey my friend sara had her reception at this place! if you want, i can share some of her pics with you :) just to help you brainstorm :)

  2. This is a great venue! I was just at a wedding here a couple months ago.


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