Bye Husband Stay Safe

Posted on: Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kyle sent a quick message earlier today saying he won't have internet anymore. So I am sad. And probably going to get more sad the longer I can't talk with him. Sigh.

But, three out of five bridesmaids will be in town the weekend after this, and we are going to have a wedding and fun filled time, so I am looking forward to that. Time to focus on wedding planning, and grad school applying. And getting more pumpkin spiced items. Always more pumpkin spice.

I hope you liked Brenda's wedding post yesterday; weren't her pictures oh so pretty? I'm looking to get more friends to do some guest posts, so let me know if you might be interested! It's pretty fun.

Ho hum. I guess that's all I have to say today...Parks & Rec and The Office coming up!

Also- Snowflakes this weekend?

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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