Dear So-and-so Love, Mrs. M

Posted on: Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Facebook,
Your features are looking oddly similar to Google + these days, but way more hectic and stupid...just thought you should know.

Dear Person Who Parked so His Truck Took up 4 Parking Spots,
I mean really? Four spots when you could fit in one? It was a very busy afternoon at Wal Mart yesterday. Stop being a jerk.

Dear People Who Can't Drive,
Stay off Atherton. Also, why are there so many of you, and always driving in front of me?!

Dear Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,
I haven't watched you in so long. I am sorry. I missed you. I will try to watch an episode now and then, but I can't make any promises.

Dear GRE Peeps,
Why wouldn't you set up a test taking spot in State College? How are we supposed to adhere to the test taking tips that you offer in your book, such as being relaxed and getting lots of sleep the night before, when we have to travel and stay overnight to take your test? Hmm?

Dear September,
I'm liking your weather, and the fact that you're speeding on by, bringing me closer to October. Keep it up!

Dear Kittens,
Is it crazy that I am certain you watch for me to return out the window and that's why you're always jumping out at me as I open the door? PS- I am sorry I am away all the time now; I miss you too.

Dear NBC,
I am glad your shows are starting up this week. Thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to Thursday evenings!

Dear Alcohol,
I should buy some of you, and keep you in my fridge just in case. Maybe. I don't know.

Dear Confer's Jewelers,
Hurry up and finish fixing my ring! Please and thank you, I just miss it. But thank you for fixing it.

Dear Arrested Development movie,
Do you exist? Will you ever exist? Please come into being at some point. You would make so many people very happy, me included.

Dear Day Off,
I'm liking you so far.

Dear Husband,
I miss your face.

Dear Businesses who use Email to Communicate,
It shouldn't take you so long to reply and send. Just sayin''re a business.

Dear Readers,
I've been up for a couple hours but I've just been relaxing and got to chat a little with Kyle. Now it's time to get things on my day off to do list started! Including: workout, get a pumpkin spice coffee from DD Cafe (my first taste of fall), do that maps project finally (I already started this morning), perhaps figure out my Burning House, watch whatever movie arrived from Netflix, study, clean up the apartment a bit, cook or find dinner for myself (I cook dinner at work for the kiddos/residents and eat there, so I don't really need to cook here ever), call some friends, watch some of the Emmy awards maybe. I might be forgetting some things. I hope you have a day off too, and a lovely Sunday!

Mrs. M


  1. I like this and miss you. Life is so busy why? Also, I had a autumn roast coffee at Einstein's the other day and thought of you, lady. Enjoy the well-deserved day off!


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