Wednesday Wedding: Bridesmaids

Posted on: Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things I am 100% certain of: I married the right man, and I picked the right bridesmaids. Sure they may be spread out all over the place: one at Georgetown's campus in Qatar, one a nurse in DC, one starting grad school in Boston, and two finishing up at Pitt. I've known one my whole life, two since high school, and two for less than two years. One of them has known Kyle for much longer than I have. One has been engaged to Kyle before (there's a short mention of that story here). One told us how pretty (and brown eyed) our babies would be the first time she met Kyle (and second time she met me). One has met Kyle the least amount of times, and made us some awesome moose wedding things. One was at the concert in Pittsburgh with us the weekend Kyle and I realized a relationship was inevitable. All are special ladies that I'm excited to have helping and sharing this experience with me. I don't know if we will be able to get everyone together in the same place before the day of the wedding, and however involved they can be, I'm just glad to call them my bridesmaids and best friends (and one I call sewer). Now you get to see their pretty faces!

These five lovely ladies are Abigail, Christy, Emma, Erica, and Tracy.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. Excellent! You should make this a game at the wedding: guess which bridesmaid corresponds to which fact about you and Kyle.

  2. love reading your updates :)

    and congrats on 6 months :D


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