Posted on: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The GRE is done! My attitude about standardized tests is that they are for the most part stupid and not a testament to what you know and can do. I feel like I studied enough for the GRE though I didn't study excessively. I don't get stressed or anxious about tests, so it was all very ho-hum leading up to it. My main concern was not understanding why everybody seems to think that the GRE is quite actually the most sinister and evil creation on earth and it would most definitely ruin my life and spirit, because I never got that sense while studying and preparing.
But I am glad it is over! And it was nice to hang out with friends a little bit back at Pitt. We had breakfast at Pamela's, home of Michelle Obama's most favorite pancakes (they are very good).
 Pam-Pam's menu and The Pitt News
 colorful floors

I got to start the test over an hour early, so I was able to get done and out of Pittsburgh earlier than expected! Time to relax, have a glass of the wine that I got in Annapolis, make some dinner, and hang out with the kittens. :)

- Mrs M

PS- Husband, I really miss you. I wish you could have a glass with me. 


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