Lately, this Week

Posted on: Friday, April 20, 2012

 Darwin has taken to sleeping here, by my desk in the corner.
 Also she sometimes jumps to the top of the door and then onto the shelves in the bathroom. bad kitty.

 after the freezer was left open one night, the popsicles haven't been the same
 Darwin was trying to catch the water from the tap. She wasn't too successful and just got very wet. I took a video. It's probably a boring five minutes, but it was pretty funny. had to be there...

 Hux thought the pizza was for him.

 yes, the things in this bag are for the wedding. ;)
My swap mug arrived. :) More on this later.

 my shoes came, finally after being back ordered!

We got take-out salads to bring home so we could watch the Pens!

Kyle had today off, so we're enjoying a long weekend. Well, we'll enjoy it if the Pens win this game...


  1. Those all fruit popsicles are my favorite thing right now. Especially the grape and strawberry ones!


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