My First Bike Ride

Posted on: Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm not sure why, but on Saturday I agreed to going out for my first few motorcycle rides. We had a couple things to get at Home Depot, which isn't far, but I wanted to just go around the neighborhood a little bit first, having never been on a motorcycle and all. Well, by the end of the day we ended up going around the neighborhood, to Home Depot, and out a ways (over a bridge, past a lake and a bunch of cows and the little houses where ponies are tied in the front yard) to the grand opening of the bike shop Kyle has been going to for parts and advice. 

I was definitely worried we would tip over or crash into something the first time. Turns out Kyle also thought there was a chance of that happening, as he's never ridden with a passenger and things run a little differently (he didn't tell me until after the first ride). But it was fun! I had an uncomfortable jacket on (not made for riding), but my helmet and gloves were great. It is definitely windy at high speeds and you feel bugs hitting your knees. I wasn't sure how I was allowed to sit or move, so it got uncomfortable by the return trip of our longer ride and needed to stretch my knees and back, but his bike overall is pretty comfortable. I don't know how long I would enjoy riding on it for, though. To which Kyle responded that we'll have to get me a bike of my own. But he has been saying that for months.


PS- Friends are graduating from Pitt! I miss them. Congrats ladies!


  1. we were just talking the otehr day about riding bikes...looks too fun!

    1. it's fun! takes a little getting used to, but fun :)


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