What Time is It?

Posted on: Friday, April 27, 2012

A Story:

I am awoken in the night, notice the hallway and bathroom lights are on and Kyle is up doing things. I am confused because I feel like we just went to bed about an hour ago (we went to bed late last night), so what was Kyle doing up? I can't have fallen asleep too long ago. It's not 3am yet, is it? I sleepily ask him what he is doing and he replies that he's getting ready for work. He plops a cat down on me as usual. I sleepily say "ohhhk I just asked cuz I thought we went to bed like an hour ago huh weird." Kyle continues to get read in the bathroom. I turn over in bed and look at the clock which reads around 11:15. Huh? Is the clock right? If so then we did just go to bed an hour ago. Why was he getting ready for work? I check his phone for a text message from Army calling him in or something, but nothing. I lay confused in bed. Am I going crazy? What is going on? Is this the Twilight Zone? 

I wait as Kyle finishes shaving and getting ready in the bathroom. It takes about an eternity, and my sanity quickly deteriorates. Kyle comes back into the room to get his phone. I suppose he saw the time and he says "Is the clock right?" And it dawns on us both that Kyle for some reason, somehow thought it was time for him to get up. His alarm didn't go off or anything, but he got up to shave and get ready. We chat and laugh about how I thought I was going crazy, and how he actually is going crazy, and go back to bed. "At least you don't have to shave in the morning?" I say.




  1. Ha, oh no!! I hate when I do that. Or wake up freaking out, and then realizing that I still have 4-5 more hours. =)

    Happy Friday!


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