Sunday is for Snails

Posted on: Sunday, April 15, 2012

There are hundreds of snails in our backyard. Little snails, big snails, striped snails, solid snails. I guess the rainy weather brought them out? I don't know much about snails so who knows. I think they are breeding and plotting to envelop our house.

 Sunday is also for:

 do you spy the bird in its nest up there?

 Kyle found a snake in the garage


  1. Snails = Ew! I found one on our porch the other morning & I had to jump over it because I was afraid of stepping on it haha.

  2. What a nice collection pf the imgaes.

    Social worker

  3. I looove the kitties! so cute!

    and what's the deal with all the snails?! haha so weird!

    found you on mingle monday!


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