March Photo a Day, 21-31

Posted on: Friday, April 6, 2012

The last photos from March!
21. Delicious. My first attempt at chicken parm. I wasn't the biggest fan on the chicken, but I liked the sauce  (with wine)!
22. Kitchen Sink. Empty bottle of wine.

yeah, I missed the 23rd (moon).
24. Animal. Toad pot at the Thai restaurant.
25. Breakfast. Oatmeal!

26. Key
27. Your name. My Pitt diploma!

28. Trash. Pretty full trash can by my desk.
29. Feet. Vibrams! Too bad I had to order a different size and they are back-ordered.

30. Toy. Kitten toy.
31. Where you Relax. This leather couch from my parents house is pretty relaxing. Except for when we first moved down here and it had acquired fleas in the process. Thanks, movers. 

 So, that was March! On to April! I like the prompts for this month! Are you participating?
Update: I've missed the last couple days of April. Sigh. 


  1. Love these photo posts. And, now I want some wine :)


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