Thursday Thoughts (4)

Posted on: Thursday, April 19, 2012

{one} The Penguins beat the Flyers, 10-3 last night. TEN TO THREE. This after losing the first three playoff games, badly.

{two} New Jason Mraz cd came out Tuesday. I downloaded it of course. I have unfortunately been spoiled by getting to see the 'mazing Mr. Mraz live several times, and the produced stuff is never as good as live. But, still pretty good.

{three} Husband and I love these popsicles. We love mango. We love popsicles. Unfortunately the freezer was left ajar Tuesday night, and the shape and solid state of the popsicles has certainly been altered. Still good.

{four}I'm taking a bio course from University of Phoenix online starting next Tuesday. Also, I have to get a meningitis shot before I can register for Baylor classes. I thought I was good to go as I've had one within the last five years as they first told me, but not within five years from the first day of school, boo. I guess it's time I found a doctor down here anyway?

{five} My new phone background- a photo of the print I ordered for the wedding!

{six} Parks and Recreation is back tonight! My favorite.

{seven}Kyle sent me this and it made me chuckle. 
{eight} Today I am especially glad we switched our car insurance to USAA. Kyle locked his keys in the car at work.

{nine} I couldn't wait anymore, I had to try on my dress. It was definitely doable, since it's a simple zip up, though I had to close the door to keep the cats out, and worried about picking up all the dirt and dust on the floor. But, it was fun! It fits pretty well.

{ten} There was talk of possibly going to Sea World down in San Antonio this weekend. It's about equal distance from Austin as we are to Austin, for 2.5 hour drive down. I am conflicted though because I know animal captivity is not always that great, but I really like seeing animals. Sigh. We could go just check out San Antonio, and visit the Alamo...

{eleven} I made these pork chops for dinner yesterday. Pretty good. I used Bully Hill red wine- really tasty wine. I like to try one new recipe a week at least. I definitely want to try this cajun chicken pasta next week!

{twelve} Many thanks to Meghan for all the awesome favorite things of hers that she sent me! I'll write a post on the two swaps I've participated in soon. :) 


  1. Oh gosh. Ditto on the live Mraz thing; his "Tonight, Not Again: Jason Mraz Life at the Eagles Ballroom" album (aka all live recordings) is my favorite, hands down.

  2. Dinner Sounds terrific! The titanic features is super cute!

  3. Oh my gosh, the Titanic picture. HIL-ARIOUS!!! p.s. don't forget that your goodies for our mug swap are coming!!! Just to make sure you don't blog about it before you get the whole thing ;-)

  4. I'm going to remember that Titanic picture. I'm going to see it 3D this weekend. OMG, I HATE it when I lock the keys in the car! I always feel so dumb...

    Go Penguins!

  5. I just picked up my gown from the Bridal shop yesterday! I won't be trying it on for a while though. Mostly cause I hid it at my parent's house so my fiance won't go snooping to peek at it. :)

  6. I can remember trying on my dress like a dozen times after bringing it home. It was so much fun. Not gonna lie, I try it on every now & then just for fun even though Ive been married for 6 yrs now :)

    Love love love all the swap items Meghan sent you. Those 'thank you' cards are adorable! Thanks for joining the swap, I'm glad you had fun. If you're interested in another one, I'm planning a 'Summertime' swap in July.


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