Hello April

Posted on: Monday, April 2, 2012

What's happening this month?

Two months until the wedding! My dress arrived back at home in PA, so I'll have to figure out a time to go up for a fitting. I can't wait to see it! Other wedding things: skyping with our photographer Jana to discuss plans, finding accessories, getting the guys in the loop, planning the day and the week leading up to Friday, planning hair & makeup, figuring out more logistics for the ceremony! Probably some other stuff, too. Two months!

Kyle and I started dating in April 2008; this year the 16th marks four years together! and 4-5 years of friendship before that. It's not a huge deal, especially now that we have a marriage anniversary to celebrate, but I like to make note of it every year. :) 

Easter. I have honestly been asking if it is Easter yet for the last three weeks, as I have no idea when it actually is and some kids down the street were definitely hunting for eggs in their front yard so they confused me. I guess it shows how big a deal Easter is for me...Time to ask Kyle a bunch of questions about Jesus and not really get it.

Bones is back! Today actually. Do I watch Bones or The Voice? Tricky...

Filling out papers for my first field internship starting this fall at Baylor! The first year is more generalist practice, and second is specific to what area of social work you want to go into. I'm likely heading towards physical/mental health, particularly with kids and/or military families. 

My big sister (sewer) is 25 tomorrow! A whole quarter century. She lives in Doha, Qatar, but I'll see her in June for wedding times! 

I'm going to make these, baked oatmeal.

Blog things: participating in a mug swap and a favorite things swap, and find me sometime this month at About Fais and Knowing Ketrin

New photo a day challenge! Follow along on twitter or instagram @mrssmcp, if you like. I didn't take a picture for yesterday, so I was behind but caught up today (oops). I'll post the last pictures from March soon.
my first photo from April!


  1. 2 months? How exciting! The hubs & I dated about 3 years before getting married, I think those years were definitely necessary to deciding if we could handle one another in the long run haha.

    I love swaps. Not only are they fun but also a great way to meet new people. Again, thanks for joining mine :)

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