Wednesday Weddings: Invites (a closer look)

Posted on: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hux in my wedding box a few weeks ago. There's no room in it for him now!
Since our invitations went out last week, and I've already started getting RSVP cards in the mail, I thought I'd share a closer look at our invitations! They're from Wedding Paper Divas.

I found these online and thought they were perfect, as I knew I wanted to include mason jars and striped straws at the wedding. I originally wanted to customize the invite so one straw could be green, the other the raspberry color (of the heart), but the image is all together so they couldn't make that happen. I tried a couple different color variations after that, but I really like the simple raspberry heart I decided on. 

Once my Sarah and Kyle mason jar stamp arrived in the mail (stamped on the back of the envelopes), I got a little stamp crazy, and picked up a couple more at Michaels. I stamped a simple Thank You on the RSVP card envelope, just a little thanks the guests would see when sealing up the RSVP. 

For the RSVP card, I changed it last minute right before finalizing the order. I wanted to make it more clear exactly who would be attending, so I made sure to separate their name, their guest's name, and if they were attending or not. 

Since we're already married, I wanted it to be clear that we weren't ignoring that and pretending everything is the same as with  a typical wedding. I think I made it pretty clear with our save the dates (which say: "Kyle and Sarah McPherson are already married. Now it's time to celebrate!"), though they didn't go out to everyone (mostly people that would have to travel). I had to tweak the wording a bit, and had to come up with how our names should be presented. Typically you'd see first and last name of the couple, but as we already share the same last name, it'd look pretty weird to see "Sarah McPherson and Kyle McPherson..." So I came up with using our first and middle names, which makes it both a bit formal and avoids the odd repetition. 

I'm particularly proud of my simple solution to sharing registry information. At Home Depot they have these perfectly sized rounded square color samples, and my brain just put it together to glue a little slip of info to one and include it with each invitation. That way, it's not just a slip of paper that would easily get lost. And using paint samples is very "me," you know! ;)


  1. Very cute! I love the mason jar design on them!!! :)

  2. Love love love this! They're absolutely adorable & my husband (a home depot employee) & I just had the best laugh at you using paint samples :)

    1. HAHA that is funny! I discovered the ones at Home Depot are high quality and offer different shapes/sizes than your typical paint samples :P

  3. Paint samples....GENIUS!!! I love your invites and RSVP cards!!! I miss wedding planning!!! :-) I love how much fun you're having and that you're sharing the experience with us :-)

  4. SO adorable. I love the mason jar theme, and the paint cards are perfect!

    Keep Shining,


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