Thursday Thoughts (3)

Posted on: Thursday, April 12, 2012

{one} Looking for a replacement for Picnik, closing on the 19th? I know I was. Enter PicMonkey. Created by some of the same people, it has many of the same features and runs similarly to Picnik. No collage feature yet, but it is coming soon (along with other features)!

{two} Wedding things have arrived! My earrings and dress and hairpin. My dress is presently in a a dress bag in a box in Kyle's closet, as that was the only closet with room for it out of cat reach. I doubt he is curious enough about what it looks like to try and sneak a peek, and I would certainly notice were he to try. :)

{three} How do you feel about beets? I love beets. It is because of Finland. Beets + potatoes = the taste of Finland. Well, one of the tastes of Finland (in my Finnish experience), but certainly one that can most easily be recreated back here in the States. 

{four} Our cats are cute. 

{five} I am really trying to drink more water. I think I "really try to drink more water" several times through the year. Eight glasses a day, right? I just don't get thirsty much and don't drink if I'm not thirsty.

{six} I got my swap gifts sent out (to Meghan and Caty) on Monday! But apparently nail polish is a hazard and I had to take that out. So, when they're asking what's in your package, forget to mention certain items. Or just get the guy that let Kyle send a bunch of booze out at Christmas. That works too. And then, we pulled out of our parking spot, and the guy in the car next to us pulled out before we could head forward and out, and he didn't see us and bumped into the front of our car. No damage, but really guy? He must not have looked at all because we were right behind him/next to him.

{seven} My sister got an ipod touch for her birthday earlier this month, which means... we can text! After graduating from Georgetown, she moved to Doha, Qatar to work at Georgetown's campus there for two years, so texting hasn't happened for a while. Exciting!

{eight} Latest addition to my Pinterest "I want" board. My board is not called that but that's what it pretty much is.

{nine} I made this for dinner last night.  And, it was delicious. Kyle was a huge huge, fan as I knew he would be. Sweet and spicy and bacon. Yum. Thanks again, Pioneer Woman!

{ten} There seems to be a curse that involves the Pens, Kyle and I watching their games, and Texas. Last night was the first playoff game, against the Flyers, and they were up 2-0 when we realized we got the channel and turned it on. The first game we watched a few weeks ago, we started watching the game the same way. The second game, they weren't 2 up yet, but were well on their way to winning. All three times, the Flyers swooped in to beat them. So, we are pretty sure we are not meant to watch the Pens down here. It is sad. 

{eleven} Two very different upcoming movies I want to see. Well, I want to see the first, and Kyle wants to see the second because it is a Joss Whedon film. But, I like a good scary movie, so I'm up for it. 
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  1. When they say "Are you sending anything that is fragile, liquid, flamable, or perishable?" I always say no. No no no. Send my package damnit!

  2. You're making me want to plan a wedding with all of your wedding awesomeness going on!!!

    I've been like a little kid waiting for Santa to bring presents...waiting for the mailman to bring me packages!!! haha! I'm officially getting irritated about what's happening with your mug :-( I hope it gets here soon, I feel so freakin awful, even if it is out of my hands....still doesn't help! LOL!

    Your kitties ARE the CUTEST!!!

  3. Your wedding earrings are so pretty! Have you tried pixlr? I really like the instagram like program...good stuff!

    1. Thanks! Ooh, haven't tried pixlr. I will check it out! I mostly use picnik for collages and adding text, but I like playing around with things. Thanks!

  4. I was sad about picnik closing too..thanks for the new one...I hadn't heard!

  5. Yay for wedding things coming in! I remember how excited I was every time something new would show up or I'd have to pick up. I'm so ashamed, I still havent sent out my swap package. You'd think the person that set it up would be the first to have hers out but yeah...that's not gonna happen haha.

    I want to see both of those movies, #1 more than #2.


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