Out to Eat in Texas pt. 2

Posted on: Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Since Kyle and I got a refrigerator (we were without one for a bit when we first moved down here), there's a lot less eating out and a lot more of me cooking and sometimes Kyle cooking. But some days you're too tired to cook or just don't know what to make. So you pay someone to make food for you. Continuing from the handful of Texas eateries I told you about months ago, here are some new places we've been to.

Fat Boy's BBQ. This place is really close to us as well (I guess everything is pretty close in this relatively small town). Our first attempt going here after getting back from Austin didn't work as it was closed, as was a burger place we tried going to across the street. Apparently it is not weird for some restaurants to close by 7pm on a Friday. The second time we wanted to go there, we could tell it was open by the plethora of trucks parked outside. We figured we'd just order a family pack, and have leftovers for a few days. Turns out when you do that, you get a whole loaf of bread! A really long loaf of bread, too. But Kyle and I don't tend to make our bbq into sandwiches, so we crossed bread off of our grocery list! I like this barbecue more than Clem Mikeska's. Well, I definitely liked the brisket. The pork loin was ok (but I'm not the biggest pork loin fan in the first place), and I didn't really try the chicken. The sides (potato salad, corn, green beans) were also all really good. I realize I didn't really get pictures of the food, I think I was just amazed by the whole loaf of bread.

Rylander's Best Hamburgers. Back to that Friday night after our trip to Austin when we came back to Temple and everything was closed. So after trying two places, we stopped at a third, which looked completely empty but at least was open for a bit longer. We ended up at Rylander's, across the street from Clem's, a burger place obviously. It appears that the only pictures I took of the place/food were of their awesome Easter decor. The burgers were good. I quite liked mine but I think Kyle prefers a thicker patty. I think we were both just glad they were open and gave us food.

Taste of Thai. After driving around all afternoon, visiting every motorcycle shop in ours and the surrounding towns, we tried out a new (to us) Thai restaurant in downtown Temple. I'd been wanting some Thai for a little while, and my craving was satisfied! It was really good. We got the "medium" spicy sauce, and it was just right, I think. I'll have to venture out and try something aside from the pad thai next time. Maybe.

This post has been in the works for a while, and we've tried another couple places since, but I'll save those for next time! And I will try to do better with getting pictures of the actual FOOD. 



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