Austin, the Hip City

Posted on: Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

On Friday Kyle and I headed into Austin. The weather still isn't great here, so it was grey, hazy, warm and humid. That, plus driving into the city, not good for me or my brain. But, I was determined to not be grumpy and stressed this time around. We arrived in time for lunch, and luckily found parking right off of Guadalupe, near UT campus. Parking was for customers only though, so we just ate lunch at one of the places right there, Tom's Tabooley. Kyle had a gyro and I had a thai wrap, and we tried these not-your-average sodas. My mandarin orange tasted pretty bad, but Kyle's sarsaparilla soda was better. It was also here that I learned Austin is really a city of hipsters. {also not hipsters, but really a lot of hipsters} Does that have something to do with why everybody thinks Austin is so cool? No, it can't be...

 Stopped in at a thrift shop next door. There were some avid thrifter hipsters there, for sure. I found a couple things too.

Sidetrack: At this point I was wondering if I would have to become more cool to fit in with all these hip folk were I to come to school in Austin. Perhaps if I went back to a simpler time, and dressed as I did when I was little and obviously at my most hip.
Early 90s bag lady chic, anyone?

Anyway, on to the University of Texas! It was their spring break, but it was definitely not deserted as Baylor was. There looked to be some sort of high school students with parents visit day/weekend going on. So, nobody at the School of Social Work for me to talk to, but we found the building (right next to the stadium) and wandered around inside a little. The further we got into campus the less hipster more yourtypicalcollegekid it was, a good sign. The trees were awesome here too. Good job on the trees, Texas universities. Now, if you could just do something about the heat, I could maybe even learn to love you. Maybe.

We then came upon the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, and were swayed by the giant poster outside advertising for a flying dinosaur IMAX 3D film. See it there? It was also hot, and I was happy to go inside the cold theater (theaters are always cold). Kyle and I actually don't really like 3D movies, but I guess our love of dinosaurs blinded us to this fact. We were gently reminded when the film started and made our brains hurt.

Horrible, horrible pillows for sale at the gift shop. I mean really. 
What if I sent you one of these? You would immediately de-friend me
from every social network site possible. And I would deserve it.

cool treats!

this is where Kyle got his tattoo last year. 

Then we drove across the river and found South Congress Ave., parked again, and wandered the very busy streets. If you didn't know, the annual South by Southwest fest is going on in Austin, so it is an especially popular place to be right now. There were all sorts of food trucks, music, tents and shops set up. Also more hipsters.

also puppies
that you could take home with you. 

We decided to head home and get dinner back in Temple as I wasn't particularly hungry yet at 5:30. We will definitely have to take a trip to Austin again, specifically with the intention of going kayaking on the river. It looks wonderful. Thank you husband for doing the driving and navigating the busy city streets. You're the best.


  1. This looks like such a fun place!!!

    1. I think it is (if only it weren't so hot!), especially compared to the rest of Texas!

  2. I would so love it if you ended up in Austin, Sarah! I'm going to UT in the fall!

    And you're SO right... Austin is a city of hipsters. I would be worried about upping my coolness factor, but who knows if there'll be time for that in grad school!

    1. I was really excited to hear you're heading down here to UT! I haven't completely decided yet, but either way, we should meet up in Austin sometime for sure!


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