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Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today I'm linking up with one of my new blogging friends I've found, Sar at Life of Love. She's a PhD student at Baylor!

{First} The Hunger Games. It has to be the Hunger Games. Books 2 and 3 arrived yesterday late afternoon, and I finished book 2 this morning. Cryptic Spoiler Alert: I totally guessed at the end of book 1 that she would return. /End Alert. But anyway. Last night I was telling Kyle all about the books as he was trying to fall asleep, and somehow I managed to eventually fall asleep without getting up to read through the night! Oh these books. Oh Peeta. On to number 3.

{Second} I now have a Bear ID and Baylor email address! And an adviser and papers to fill out to find me my first field internship. Exciting stuff! I also have to either take a biology class before classes start, or teach myself from the textbook and pass a test, as I'm required to have a bio credit before starting school. I'm ok with it, because I like biology, and I have little else to do. As for when school starts: I have two orientations August 7th and 8th, then there's a pre-class Intro to Social Work class from August 9-15th, and then classes and internships begin the 20th! 

{Third} I realized I am a bit bitter about the motorcycle, because when it comes down to it, the motorcycle is the reason I'm stuck at home all day as Kyle needs the car for work (first it was that Kyle didn't know how to ride the bike, then he had to get used to riding it before taking it all the way to work, then there is bad weather so he takes the car, then he has a minor crash on the bike and can't ride it. How this is a practical and reliable form of transportation I do not know.). I try to appreciate having lots of free time, but it goes against my nature, and is especially wearing after a few months of not leaving the house at all during the week. Before I moved down to TX I had two jobs and often worked for 10-12 hours a day, so the complete opposite doesn't sit so well with me. I'm glad and grateful that Kyle supports us, getting up by 4am everyday and working until 5pm, but my contribution of making dinner and keeping the house clean doesn't feel like enough. Perhaps I should start some in-home business? Sarah Makes Things with Paint Samples? Perhaps take up extreme couponing? Teach the cats to do tricks?

{Fourth} The wedding is in just about two months. A bunch of "what if"s are creeping into my head. What if it looks bad? What if things don't happen in time? What if nobody comes? What if it sucks? What if I look bad in all the pictures? At least ours is on a Friday, so there won't be an event during the week before ours, giving us lots of time to set things up. In typical Sarah fashion, I will try to advance-plan away any potential problems that may arise. Invitations went out Monday, so I'm excited to start getting rsvp cards back in the mail!

{Fifth} Peanut butter multi-grain cheerios. They're so good!

{Sixth} My new Vibrams arrived on Wednesday (hooray!). I ordered them in the same size as my old pair, which always fit well with a little room even, but this pair mostly fit well, except my big toes were poking into the fabric too much for comfort (boo). So I ordered a size up and will return the others. I briefly tested out their grip though, and they work wonderfully! I can't wait to start using them, especially since I've had to stop using weights as it was giving me intense neck/head pain, and I'm focusing on more cardio instead.  

{Seventh} It is almost April. Sisters birthday, new photo a day challenge, 4 years together with Kyle, 2 months to wedding, Bones returns, new Mraz cd.

{Eighth} There are Merimekko (Finnish design) converse! Hooray Finland!
Gotta go read! Toodles!


  1. haha props to you for being able to sleep. when i read the hunger games i gobbled them down in one sitting regardless of the fact i had class at 8am the next morning. could not stop reading. love that series! :)

    on another note, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! :) i got married in september so i totally know how you feel. had similar doubts and worries + the fact that i become too obsessed with all things wedding. i just had to get some perspective - this definitely helped:

    happy thursday!

    1. It's so hard! I'm trying to slow down because then they will be over. Sigh. :)

      Thank you for that link! It is helpful; gotta bookmark it and be sure to read it every now and then!

      thanks for stopping by!:)

  2. I couldn't really get into the Hunger Games (I read all of the first and half of the second), mostly because although they're young adult novels, why not have more character development? I wanted to know how everybody's choices were impacted by the capital (and everybody's stories; I wanted to feel bad when other people died, not just Rue). Regardless, so glad you're loving it!

    Yay for Baylor! It sounds like your annoyance at the motorcycle/not having much to do will be remedied by having to read a biology book! I was a BS in undergrad and so I had a bunch of bio experience, so I think that sounds like a blast! You'll love it here.

    Sic 'em! Thanks for linking up Sarah!

    1. The writing and tone seems very simple and not to exactly match the horrible story that is being told. I think we are limited in what we get to hear about, since it is told from a single point of view; what Katniss sees, hears, and knows. It definitely expands into the third book, as more Districts come into direct play, but I know what you mean. When I started reading I was disappointed that it was told from her point-of-view, but just got used to it I guess. I imagine the limitations say, Harry Potter would have, if told by Harry himself. A lot less insight and full story, and more troubled teen boy concerns.

  3. I have The Hunger Games on my Nook but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Maybe this weekend it'll finally happen. Maybe.

    That photo of you in your Baylor sweatshirt is super cute! I think opening a store with that name would be awesome, I'd shop there haha. As much as I adore Converse (and I REALLY do), I'm not diggin' these designs...maybe I'm just old school though.

    1. haha- we'll see what I can come up with to craft out of paint samples. It'd definitely be a low start up cost for me- unlimited free supplies!

      I've never had converse, in fact I generally stay away from lace-up shoes haha. I just get excited anytime I see/hear of anything Finnish. I think I'd prefer a single colored classic pair myself!

  4. You literally made my day with the Converse shoes!! Those are SO wickedly cute!!!

  5. I liked the Hunger Games. I think the second book was my favorite. Let us know what you think!

    You should play the what if game with really fun what ifs. Like what if you look absolutely amazing? Or what if your DJ rocks and you have an awesome time on the dance floor? Or what if you have the best day of your life?!

    PB Cheerios. I'm interested. That sounds really good.

    AWESOME converse!!

    Glad I found your blog today.

    1. I like your What If game. :) I will keep that in mind.

      Thank you for coming by! Happy to meet you


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