Posted on: Thursday, March 1, 2012

It is March! 

I love the Instagram app on my iphone (love love love), and this month I will participating in the March photo a day "challenge" via Fat Mum Slim. It should be fun. I will either post them here week to week, or all at the end of the month. Or you can follow me on Instagram/twitter @mrssmcp for daily updates. I will also post them on my facebook page

What else this month?

Oh, a little thing called our first anniversary is next Wednesday! woohoo! IHOP here we come. That is the extent of our plans so far. 

I may be hearing some more grad school news, and making some decisions.

THREE months until the wedding. Three months. Three, guys.

I will be sending out invitations!

I'd like to take a trip to Austin, to check out UT's MSW program and meet with some folks.

Pi Day. A great day in 9th grade geometry class. I might have to make a pie this year... 

It is probably going to turn into summer here. I have a horrible feeling. Too soon, Texas. I am not ready. 

More dishes to try:

I would also like to try a Shamrock Shake, as I have never had one before, and it seems this time of year they are a "thing."

And there was talk of going to Austin for St. Patrick's Day. It is on a Saturday...And a great holiday for maybe wearing my military ball shoes :)

I am going a little bit crazy being at home all day during the week, no vehicle to even run out for groceries or  anything, nobody to talk to but the kittens. And they're cute but not very chatty. I'm not one who is good at not being busy for long, and I'm really feeling it now. I'm trying to appreciate free time though, before work and school starts up. Luckily, Kyle got his motorcycle license figured out the other day, and parts are on the way to attach to his bike so that he can carry things he needs to get back and forth to the base.

D was a bit pukey this morning, so there may be a trip to the vet in the future. I'll keep an eye on her...


  1. All these good pics are making me hungry! especially for pancakes! Congrats on the fast approaching wedding! yay!!



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