Wednesday Wedding: My Shoes

Posted on: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last Wednesday was a major breakthrough in wedding planning. Yes, I found my shoes! As you may or may not know, I have an aversion to wearing super high heeled shoes (that, from what I gather, many brides must not have because then how does anyone ever get married), so I've been looking for months for pretty, glamorous shoes that I love that aren't higher than maybe 2 inches (tops) and will go with my dress, our colors, etc. This is not easy to do! I've had several "eh, maybe"s, but none to make me say "yes. I must have these." I think the top runner previously was this pair in fuchsia. But last week, I found the perfect pair, Imani from Kate Spade. Well, at first I thought they were amazing and perfect, but wasn't sure if I should go for a half flip-flop sandal. But then I remembered it will be June (and I'd probably switch to flip flops after the ceremony anyways), and it's my wedding, and they are so, so pretty and perfect. I mean, look, (faux) pearls! You know how I feel about pearls. And the gold. And bling. They will be so comfortable! And hidden under my dress, anyway...

I was going to put up some pictures from the shop online, but they arrived quicker than I thought! And the packaging was pretty, so I took pictures of that too.

These are definitely my shoes. Look for them peeking out from under my dress on June 15th. :)

Other good news, I got the invitations sent out on Monday! Good thing I ordered extra stamps- it takes 4 to get to Australia/Europe, and 3 to Canada!

Also, the lovely Joelle at Something Charming wrote a post with ideas for vow renewals, in response to my question! Thanks, Joelle!


  1. Okay first of all, those shoes are just GORGEOUS! I can totally see why you love them! They are going to be so perfect "peeking" from under your dress. Love them!

    Secondly, that packaging really IS fun! Make me want to order shoes from them just because they take that extra step to make your purchase special! WOO HOO!

    1. thanks! I'm excited to wear them! Just have to decide what nail color to go with :)

  2. They are gorgeous! If I were to renew my vows I think I'd opt for cute sandals like this. Nice choice.

  3. Those are just beautiful! So glad you found your shoes. Those are almost just as fun to pick out as the dress, since you get to wear them more than once!

    Thanks for linking up this week my dear!


  4. Those shoes are AMAZING! It makes me want to get married asap, just so I can wear them.

  5. If you are interested in selling your shoes I would love to buy them from you!!

  6. If you are interested in selling your shoes I would love to buy them from you!!


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