First Week of March

Posted on: Sunday, March 11, 2012

What the start of March looks like around here.

Our favorite movie, JP, on a Saturday morning
sunny days in our backyard
Trying my first Shamrock Shake. It wasn't good. Worst milkshake ever. Why are these a thing?! I was so excited, too...
quality (nap) time with Huxley, while Darwin is sick at the vet
our backyard is pretty much all weeds
hello husband! 
Texas beer
D is back from the vet!
Veterinary bill- thanks, military discount
I made pork chops. They were OK. 
D is helping me find new recipes
c'est moi
D napping. She didn't end up helping much.
ice cream!
spring colors
a friend likes Hello Kitty; I found this while microwave shopping
new microwave
IHOP anniversary. I did not have a Lorax meal. 
purple polish is purple
wedding invitations arrived! :) 

Right now, though, March is looking very, very rainy. It has been cold and storming all weekend. We've been hanging out inside. 


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