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Posted on: Saturday, March 3, 2012

weekend pancake breakfast, his and hers
handsome new green shirt

dotty dress on a sunny day
lemon puff pancake (Feb 28th was National Pancake Day, who knew. seems like it was pancake week around here...)
horizontal and vertical stripes
kitty shirt :)
Kyle's bags back from Iraq finally
I got Hux some more of his favorite toys. If you notice he is attacking my hand as I'm holding these. He likes them that much, he would bite the hand that feeds him.
sometimes I eat a bowl of green beans and watch Jimmy Fallon
healthy Huxley
nails are dark purple; I've never gone dark before
Kyle arrived home from work
a little backyard barefoot blogging. we've got some weeds
Hux napping on camo
making a salad

Oh, and I will be posting my #marchphotoaday pictures on my facebook page each day!

Darwin is staying at the veterinary hospital for the weekend. They're going to give her a fluid IV and liquefied food and see how that goes. They didn't want to send her home and have things get worse over the weekend. 


  1. Oh, no! Poor Darwin! I hope she feels better soon! Your cats are so sweet-looking.

    That's a great healthy snack idea...I should steal that.

    See? This is why I want Instagram! This is seriously THE only reason I can imagine wanting an iPhone.

    I love all of your pictures - the bags from Iraq put a little lump in my throat. Glad your guy is at home right now. :) My brother just got back from a deployment and I am SO happy to see him!

    1. Thank you!

      and yes, once I learned Instagram was an iphone thing I knew I must have one (also I was disappointed with my Droid).

      My husband got back right before Christmas- it was wonderful! :) Glad your brother is back!!

  2. Naww poor kitty! I would be so sad if my Milly got sick!
    xo Emilie


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