Finland in Spring

Posted on: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As you might expect, the transition from winter to spring in Finland is truly wonderful. Winter has a bit of an extended stay, especially in the North where I spent a long Easter weekend at my 3rd host family's cottage (/ friend's reindeer farm!), but eventually things start to warm up. I particularly remember one weekend day in April when there was a big festival along the river. Lots of vendors out, selling food, flowers and other little things; everyone out walking about in the sun. I remember I was wearing flip flops, as it was really nice and sunny out, but apparently despite the warm weather, I still looked like the weirdo wearing flip flops in winter (you know the type: they are especially rampant in college culture, wearing shorts, t shirt and sandals in the middle of winter, snow gently falling. the fools). But it was so warm, I promise! May 1st is Vappu, where all the high school graduates don their graduating cap, college students wear their college jumpsuits, and everyone gets drunk in the center of the town. The holiday could really give St. Patrick's day a run for its drunken money. It is dangerous every time I do these Finland posts, usually for Kyle, because I'll be asking him repeatedly when we can go there.

Easter in the North. I rode around on fur-lined jet-skis, fed reindeer, and walked on the frozen lakes.

 Spring day along the river.

 Sunset on the island Ruissalo!



Sailing around the islands. One of the best experiences.

Want more Finland? (I know I do)


  1. You sure do take some awesome photos. My husbands always wanted to visit Finland, seeing your photos I can now see's beautiful.

    1. Aw thank you.
      Really? Nobody ever is interested in Finland! haha. But it is an amazing place! I know my husband would love it (When I was there for the year, before we were even dating, I kept thinking how much Finland reminded me of him and how it is a perfect place for him!).


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