Wednesday Wedding: Color Palette

Posted on: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Over the weekend, thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled upon this website of color palettes, Design Seeds. It is awesome! Right away I found our wedding colors in these cactus (custus?) hues, with vintage silver as the supporting colors (though there are a number of other palettes that could work as well, these stood out first!). 

I chose my colors to begin with based on the flowers I wanted to have at the wedding. I was always a tulip lover, but in doing research for wedding planning I fell in love with peonies, big, fluffy, soft and romantic. My dad turned our backyard at home into a very large flower garden, so he knows some things about flowers an peonies. He told me they only come in a limited color palette; I couldn't really get yellow peonies for example. They come more in the red/pink/purple family. I was surprisingly OK with this. As I mentioned before, I do not really like pink, and I would not pick red or purple as a wedding color either. But somehow, the mix of these colors form a nice palette reminiscent of berries, which I love. I started to notice dresses and decorations that matched this nice pink/red/purple color, and came to describe and ascribe the mixed color to that of raspberries. Perfect; I love raspberries. Adding green to the mix was an obvious choice, as it is my favorite color and naturally complements flowers and berries (stems, leaves, plants, etc). These are bold colors, and when done wrong could start to look like we're attempting to create Christmas in June, but when surrounded by lighter pinks, whites and greens, it creates a soft and romantic feel while still being colorful. I decided to add neutrals to the mix, like my ivory dress, burlap table runners, lace, pearl, silver and gold accents, to complete the color scheme. I think the colors suit the location well too, the rustic browns of the General Potter Farm. You can find more of my color inspiration (and all things wedding) on my Pinterest board. Hopefully everything will come together as I am envisioning! 

Here are some other examples of palettes on the site; I've just looked at the first fifty pages plus a few at the end. You can also search the site based on color value and theme ("edible," "spring," and "creatures" for example). You should probably head over there yourself; there are 149 pages for you to scroll through. Get ready to waste some time! 

What sort of palette did you use/are you using/would you use on your wedding? I'd love to hear!

PS- Today is our first anniversary! We got married in a little courthouse in Texas on Monday, March 7, 2011. I'll post about that as well, later today! :) 

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