Update on Darwin

Posted on: Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hux smells his sister on my shirt...

We just got back from visiting D at the vet hospital. The doctor, Dr. Gudgel, was really nice and let us come visit after our phone call, even though they are closed on Sunday. It was wonderful to see her, but sad seeing her in such a sickened state with an IV in her shaved leg. She was a bit of a mess from having an enema in the morning and throwing up again, but she was very happy to see us and I didn't mind one bit having to change my shirt afterwards (also Hux went crazy when I got home; he definitely smelled his sis all over me). The vet is going to see how she is in the morning, but as of now his plan is to do an exploratory surgery early in the morning, to see what exactly that "something" inside of her is. It is staying in one spot, and he said it could be a tumor, inflamed lymph, or a foreign object, but from any scans they can't tell. Whatever it is, she hasn't really been eating still. She is a tough little kitty though, and aside from being sad to be stuck at the vet and not at home with us, she seemed to be doing alright, still alert and strong. It made me feel better being able to see her. Hopefully we can bring her home soon, healthy and happy. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and concern!


  1. It's so hard to see our babies sick... I hope she gets better soon!


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