Trip to Baylor, or, Baylor is Pretty

Posted on: Monday, March 12, 2012

Kyle and I spontaneously took a trip to Baylor Sunday afternoon. The storm that had lasted several days had finally stopped, and the sun came out for a beautiful day. We went to Baylor not realizing it was their Spring Break (also a Sunday), so it was extremely empty, and buildings were closed. But it was nice to walk around in the sun. The school of social work isn't actually on the main campus; it is a few minutes away in downtown Waco, so I'm not sure how often I'd be about campus here. I actually like that; that means there will always be parking for me, and I could take a shuttle to main campus if necessary. I quite like Baylor's campus though. They have great big trees, and a lot of fountains. Also, some swinging benches hanging from trees, and real live bears (seen them 0 for 2 times, though), and a couple Starbucks.
Science building, 508,000 square feet.
found on the ground; noteworthy because this is just like a card I would have made for anatomy
Student Life Center, with gyms, rock climbing wall, amazing pool
"Joe College"
gosh he looks bald...he is not so bald

For dinner we went to Cricket's Grill, where they have 107 beers on tap. 


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