Monday Movie: A Place at the Table.

Posted on: Monday, March 4, 2013

"50 million Americans exist without enough to eat in a nation with more than enough food."
Today I'm bringing you the wonderful documentary about hunger in the USA, A Place at the Table. I rented it on iTunes this weekend as it's not showing anywhere near here, and hunger has kind of become my area of interest. I am trying to organize a viewing at Baylor for at least social work students, and hopefully beyond, with a discussion and maybe someone from THI to talk about hunger in Texas and answer any questions that may come up. My mind is running, and I hope to get others running, too.

While watching I took three pages of notes, of facts, quotes, and anything that stood out to me, answered questions I had had, or brought up new ones. I'll share some of that with you now, but I highly recommend you watch it for yourself. Here we go:

- 1 out of 6 people say they don't have enough to eat.
- Mississippi has the highest rate of food insecurity AND obesity. (Texas is #3 in food insecurity, by the way)
- 2.3 million people live in food deserts, and 75% of food deserts are urban
- Obama proposed $10 billion over 10 years to increase child nutrition programs, and the money would be taken from the least-justified payments to affluent land holders. That was shut down, and instead we ended up with the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act (2010), which allowed for a $4.5 billion increase over 10 years, coming out to an ONLY 6 cent increase per meal (for lunch/breakfast meals at schools for kiddos), most of which probably won't even go towards actual food but administrative, transportation and other costs. Oh, and over HALF of the bill was paid for by cutting Food Stamps. 
- "The great temptation in Washington is to always take something away from those who, frankly, can't defend themselves." Bill Shore (Share our Strength)
- "If another country was doing this to our kids we would be at war." Jeff Bridges
- "Charity is a great thing but it's not the way to end hunger. We don't fund our department of defense through charity."Jeff Bridges
- experts in the film addressed that we have no food policy, and there needs to be a way to make healthy food accessible, "widespread governmental programs that are focused on the human individual."

Just some things to think about...

If you're interested in finding out more or taking action, you might start here. Or ask me! :)

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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