Spring Break in Boston: Day Three

Posted on: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Constitution Beach
Cambridge- Harvard Square and Campus, J. P. Licks
Max & Dylans
Hockey at Tracy's

Day three started with a late morning brunch made by Erica, and a stroll at the beach by her house, right across from the airport. We watched a couple planes take off and land. It was a grey day, and luckily didn't rain until later when we were headed into a bar. :)
seagulls all took off when the plane was revving up. or I got too close...

We planned to meet Emma at 2:30 to head to Cambridge, so we killed some time on Newbury Street again, stopping in the Marimekko Shop (a Finnish design company) and Madewell. Marimekko is expensive, but so colorful and fun (which was a welcome change from the dreary scene outdoors). I particularly love all their dishes and pillows; so cute. I bought a little pouch in a classic print, since my Marimekko makeup bag I got from one of my host families was stolen in San Antonio.

We then met up with Emma and went across the river to Harvard. So, Harvard was just OK. I like the brick, but everything looks the same and it was a dreary day, so that didn't help. Oh well, we got ice cream at J.P. Licks and strolled around Harvard Square, with Emma as a tour guide.

oh, and there's the Irish potato famine monument (apparently more than one in Boston), which is pretty horribly depressing. and ironic as it says, "never again should a people starve in a world of plenty," because that's happening to some 50 million folks right here in America, but yes, never again. 

So then we went back into town to one of Emma's favorite bars, Max & Dylans. I had a blackberry mojito and we shared some snacks (goat cheese is happening a lot on this trip).

Erica and I then made our way out far on the green D line to the town of Newton (famous for John Krasinski and BJ Novak) where Allie picked us up to drive to Waltham, where Tracy lives (sooo far away from Btown). She made dinner, we watched the Pens manage to do what they don't do and come back in the 3rd period to score three times and beat the Bruins, and met Tracy's new adopted pup, Callie, a surprisingly adorable pug.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. looks like such a great time!
    On my list of cities to visit!


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