Week in Photos

Posted on: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 Sunset/ goodnight kitty/ FEED/ letter from the White House
 anniversary/ Hux in the tree again
Hux napping and me computering in bed/ needed a pick-me-up/ had to put the flowers outside while away so cats wouldn't eat them/ GONNA GO SEE JT & JAY-Z in Boston avec ma sewer
trying to not get sick for break/ I swear I love D just as much, but Hux is very photogenic and D sleeps in the dark closet or on me/ chomping on my tulips/ dinner 
anniversary gift/ Sweet D/ trip to The Salt Lick
approaching Austin/ packing/ Darwin wants to go to Boston with me
 packed for Boston/ Georgetown Cupcake Newbury/ the Walking Dead with sis
Washington/ suit of armor at Erica's apartment/ starting a list/ Erica's cat
brunch at The Paramount/ street performing at Faneuil Hall/ Bunker Hill Monument/ margaritas at Angela's Cafe
- From the desk of Mrs. M


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