Posted on: Friday, March 8, 2013

I recently purchased a bag from FEED. FEED was created in 2006 by Lauren Bush Lauren, as a way to sell a product, fund raise, and raise awareness, specifically to benefit the United Nations World Food Programme's School Feeding program. FEED has since raised enough money to provide over 60 million meals to kids around the world.

If you're interested in purchasing a bag or other FEED item yourself, visit their Shop. The product description of each item tells you exactly what your purchase will be contributing; my bag (the original) gave school meals to a kiddo for a whole year. Of course, the whole price doesn't go toward WFP, it is a business after all, but that's still pretty good.

I was thinking of doing a hunger awareness campaign paired with a FEED bag giveaway; would anyone be interested in joining with me for something like that? The more people involved and aware the better, and covering the cost of a bag would be more manageable with several folks participating. Let me know! Leave a comment or email me at

- From the desk of Mrs. M

This is an unsponsored, unfunded post. I just want to help end hunger. Do you?


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