Spring Break in Boston: Day Four Part II

Posted on: Friday, March 15, 2013

Continued from yesterday, this post includes:
Walking through the Public Gardens and Boston Common
Paul Revere House in the North End
Faneul Hill/Quincy Market and Downtown
Pho in Chinatown
I imagine this is all very nice with water, rather than a muddy mess. 

In the afternoon I also walked over to Paul Revere's House in the North End, which appears to be the very Italian part of town. I got a little lost/wasn't using a map so I wandered around a bit and eventually came upon the house, the oldest in downtown Boston. I didn't go in; maybe next time.

I walked back across the way to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market on my way back to the Commons to meet up with Emma after her class (I don't know if Boston folks call it the Commons, but I do).
I really love these trash barrels. 

Along the way I also stopped at the Granary Burial Ground, where a lot of Important folks are buried. Such as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock (along with some 5,000 other folks). This was one of my favorite things, actually. The gravestones were really cool: simple, old, scattered about. 
 I dunno about you but this looks a lot like Harry Potter font to me.
Oh, there's a random couple of shots of the Park Street Church

After meeting up with Emma, we went to Newbury Street, had a drink at Stephanie's, stopped at H&M, and met up with Allie for tapas at Bar Lola. It was amazing; the bacon wrapped dates were my favorite, and the white sangria was awesome, too.

I said goodbye to friends and finished up reading The Silver Lining Playbook at Georgetown Cupcake while waiting for the shop to close and Erica to finish up. We then walked over to Chinatown for some pho; Erica ordered for me as I know nothing about pho, but it was good and spicy. 

I might do another Boston post, to share what was my favorite, what I liked/didn't like (mostly liked), and such, but this is the last of the recap posts. I had an awesome time with friends and loved the city. It's a little bit depressing being back in Texas, but my feet are happy to be out of socks and boots and back into flip-flops and flats.

See the rest of my trip to Boston posts here: one / two / three / four part I.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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