Going Back to DC!

Posted on: Saturday, March 23, 2013

I can now announce I will officially be going on a Baylor/THI trip to Washington, DC in May, focusing on hunger in America! 

Stops Include:
The White House
Michelle Obama's Garden
The Capitol
Share our Strength, No Kid Hungry
Bread for the World
the Monuments
and a whole bunch more.
Oh, and maybe meeting Michelle herself. #FLOTUS. No big deal. She said as she nearly cried when she found this out. 

I'm going to start a blog series about it. Sarah Does DC: Hunger in America, or something (got any good, catchy name suggestions?). I will document all stops on the trip, lessons learned, people met, monuments gazed at, as well as some events and info leading up to the trip and reflection afterwards. I've learned quite a lot already just from working for THI for a month now, and I've got a couple hunger-related projects in various stages of planning, including a viewing and discussion of A Place at the Table at Baylor. 

Technically it is a "mission" trip, and my reasons for doing social work and trying to be a good person and helping people and all that draw no motivation from the writings in an old book or any God but rather the simple fact that we are all human, so I'm not sure what that aspect of the trip will look like for me, but how could I not go on this trip. :) I'm so excited to learn more about hunger hands-on, advocate for those experiencing food insecurity in our country, and return to a city I'm rather fond of.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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