This ice cream alternative is b-a-n-a-n-a-s

Posted on: Monday, August 1, 2011

It's summer. It's hot. Ice cream sounds pretty good. I recently found (thanks people of Pinterest! Am I the last to know about this?) an alternative that is easy to make with only one yes one ingredient. Banana! I'm not the biggest fan of bananas, and I'm not sure why I decided to buy some last time I went grocery shopping, but I had a couple that were on the verge of going bad, so I gave it a try and it was quite successful. The end result gives you a cool, soft treat that is remarkably similar to ice cream. It tastes like banana of course, but not as strongly as you might think (due to frozen banana and frozen taste buds I'm guessing). You can find the simple instructions, and perhaps some more appealing pictures here at the kitchn. I'd like to try again, maybe adding some things (they suggest peanut butter or honey) and experimenting a bit, though as it was I enjoyed it. I see more bananas in my future.

1- frozen bananas, I froze for several hours (like ten)
2- whir up in the food processor
3- part way there, it looks crumbly at first but then gets smooth
4. I ate mine right away though you could store it in the freezer for later
it didn't look too pretty but tasted very good!

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


  1. It's really good with honey and peanut butter. Little bits of chocolate are also nice as well.

  2. It looks like mashed potatoes.

  3. I got some peanut butter AND honey AND mini chocolate chips with my groceries today. so I'm all set to try things.


    "taters, precious?"

  4. AND coconut because I've been craving coconut ice cream lately.


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