Posted on: Friday, August 5, 2011

I woke up remembering another odd dream this morning. I've had a lot of dreams since I moved to my new place. Anyway, here are some notable dreams I can remember.

All I remember from my most recent dream was I was hanging out with Charlie Day, I think we were playing tricks on people and maybe went to a movie. Also I guess the kittens had kittens who were having kittens, so there were a lot of kittens about and I was thinking I should start trying to find homes for them because there were just baskets full of kittens. They were either reproducing unusually fast or just kind of spawning new kittens every once in a while. Grey and white like D & H.

I was friends with Michelle Obama, and stayed over in the White House a couple nights. It was like a fancy hotel and people were really nice. And we met up at one of the monuments in DC and had to be whisked away from the crowds.

Being good friends with Jesse Eisenberg and hanging out at a mall with a fountain. He was really cool and 80% of why I'm a fan of him may be that dream.

I had a dream where I went to visit Kyle, and he was on a ship. We had dinner with an Army friend.

I had another dream where I was in transit to visit Kyle and I was stuck in the Worlds Worst And Most Confusing Airport that also doubled as a huge mall and train station.

My first wedding dress shopping dream! It was pretty funny and generally pleasant. We were at a dream version of Kleinfeld's, and I remember my sister and mom were there at least. My sister kept bringing shorter party dresses for me to try, for either later in the reception or some other event altogether. The first wedding dress I tried on was all black, but we were just trying it for the shape/style since they didn't have it in a lighter color.

I had a dream back at my last apartment where a bunch of students showed up for a party at my place that I was not aware of. But they came anyway, and they were terrible, and I tried to get them to go. But they were also vampires I believe and I called the police and they cleared out to the yard, but they sent one girl up to kill me. And there was a battle of sorts and I think I ended up killing her and went on the run because they were telling the police a different story. Then I remember being a homeless fugitive with a cart and walking across a bridge somewhere into the fog. Obviously some unresolved rage at my past living situation coming out in dream form.

I had a really cool Jurassic Park dream when I was much younger. I still remember it being awesome. At one point we were in a big square room with lots of tables and the raptors were trying to get in, or were in and we were trying to escape. It was the best dream.

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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