Monday Movie: The Cove (plus a few others)

Posted on: Monday, August 15, 2011

If you like whales and dolphins, this post is for you! I wasn't planning on including four movies for this post, but one got me thinking about another, and it just kind of happened. I am a sucker for cetaceans. 

Last fall I think it was, I watched the documentary The Cove twice in a row on Netflix instant view. I vaguely remembered hearing about it around academy award time in the last few years, but I decided to watch it because I love dolphins and whales (little known fact about me: I kind of want to move to the Northwest coast because it is really pretty there and they have whales). Obviously I really enjoyed the film. It was so sad and interesting, a real life spy movie. It reminded me of my childhood dream of being a dolphin trainer (oops). It's a really great film. You should watch it. It might make you a little sick to your stomach.

I thought of The Cove for Monday Movie this week because I stumbled upon an upcoming film, The Whale.
"Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, The Whale is the true story of a young killer whale, an orca nicknamed Luna, who makes friends with people after he gets separated from his family on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As rambunctious and surprising as a visitor from another planet, Luna endears himself to humans with his determination to make contact, which leads to laughter, conflict and unexpected consequences."
 And that also got me thinking about Whale Rider, which I watched and enjoyed this past spring. 

And I ended up of course thinking about Free Willy and that Michael Jackson song, which, not gonna lie, I still love (except for the part at the end where he talks). I may have just danced around the apartment with a kitten on my shoulder. Maybe.

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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