Gamble Mill and my First Wedding Dream

Posted on: Friday, August 12, 2011

Tonight my family went to the Gamble Mill in Bellefonte for dinner. It is one of my parents favorite places to eat, so the Haviland family is pretty well known there. I was feeling a bit stressed and upset today, but it was a really nice and fun meal. I am stupidly always surprised when not moping around the house makes me feel better. I had a beer for Kyle on his birthday, Bush House Brown Ale. It was pretty good, very brown. Isaac had a sampling of their beers on tap, which we all tried. I learned I do not like pale ales. I always get the goat cheese salad at the Gamble Mill (I'm really not a cheese person, but I love goat cheese salad. I had it for the first time in Finland, actually. That might be my more substantial favorite food, if cucumber is too boring or weird to count). 4/5 of us also had the grilled shrimp with couscous. It was delicious! As was the light and fluffy lemon cake I shared with mom for dessert.

From L to R: The Curtain Abbey Ale (Belgian. They give you less because it is 8.1% ABV), Monte Weizen ale, Pig Iron India pale ale, Bush House Brown, J Rose pale ale, HB 48 Session Ale

So everybody, I had my first wedding dream last night, and oh my goodness it went terribly. It was like I hadn't been involved in the planning at all, so I hadn't seen anything until the day of, and it was all wrong:

- the bridemaids (there were like 9 of them, by the way) dresses were light pink, shimmery, weird and did not fit AT ALL. So they decided to just wear something they all would probably have- a black skirt and a shirt that was white or one of the wedding colors.
- the ceremony location inside looked like the set of a TV cooking show. I guess it also doubled as the reception site because there was a big semi-circle divider from the kitchen area and the guests tables. Also this was all in the wrong building and was supposed to take place down the street.
- the flowers were droopy and sparse, in huge tall vases. I was reminded of something out of Dr. Seuss.
- the ceremony program was in Japanese and had weird anime pictures.
- the colors were not right. There were a lot of dark purples.
- everything just looked bad.
- also apparently I was not aware the wedding was that day (I thought it was the next, I think) and nobody told me what time it was supposed to start so I saw the clock say 6:58 pm and I was like "wait what time does it start?" and it was supposed to have started but I wasn't dressed or anything and was still checking out the site. So I rushed off to go change. At this point celebrities entered the dream. Kristen Wiig and a very pregnant Maya Rudolph were apparently two of my guests (they had possibly become bridesmaids at this point) and so I said "you guys are actors! Entertain the guests to stall while I get ready!" Also Jim and Pam from The Office were in attendance (obviously this wedding wasn't going to be as lovely as theirs).

My dream didn't go beyond that point, but I'm sure things would have continued on in a downward spiral. I'm curious how terrible my dress would have ended up being...

Have a fun summer weekend my lovely readers! 

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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