Out to Eat: Austrian

Posted on: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My little brother is starting at Georgetown this fall, so before he left we went to eat at Herwig's Austrian Bistro in downtown State College. I've been there twice with Kyle and his family; he is a big fan of the place. My family enjoyed our food, and John enjoyed impressing everyone with his fluent German.

  the rules
 My lunch/senior portion bratwurstplatte. I thought I should try something different.
 John got the gröstl, the only thing I've had from Herwig's before (and a favorite of Kyle's)
 Mom got the wienerschnitzel. I didn't capture a photo of Dad's variety bratwurstplatte; it looked like mine but with more food. 
 kaiserschmarrn for dessert
yum. all gone. 

John made Austrian food for us on my birthday, if you recall. Check out my previous post for the details.

Today I have work 9:30-4:30, then I have to get a money order for a child clearance thing, then go get fingerprinted for an FBI check. This is what happens when your work involves taking care of children. 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. Mmmmmm LOVE Herwigs! I used to walk by it on the way to class every day...alas, my college student wallet couldn't afford many meals there haha. But the few times I've gone.....yummmmm. Have you ever had the bacon chocolate cheesecake?


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