Monday Movie: The Change-Up

Posted on: Monday, August 22, 2011

I saw The Change-Up a couple weeks ago with my good  friend Emma. It stars Jason Bateman. Of course I had to see it (I should do an Arrested Development post one of these days, huh). In the talk show circuits, both leads (the other being Ryan Reynolds) have poked fun at the movie's less than original plot of body swapping, stating however, that never has a rated R version been done, and this is a very very rated R version. So I went to see it expecting it to be quite crude and aiming to please with poop jokes. While there was certainly poop, cringing, and more breasts than Emma and I were expecting, it also had a heartfelt side, which was obviously that the two leads wanted their own lives back (for the right reasons, not just the initial panic early on of waking up in your best friends body) and realized things about themselves that could use some work. I'd say it was a pretty successful "remake" of switcheroo movies of the past, though it's not a movie I need to see again any time soon.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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