A Cupcake for every Occasion

Posted on: Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm not the only one that would rather look at a cupcake than eat one, am I? I find them much more appealing visually than to my taste buds or tummy...

Other things on my mind this Tuesday morning:
- I need to get back into the swing of wedding planning. oops!
- work 2:30-10:30
- husband has a birthday soon
- we will have a lot of celebrations to make up for when he returns (or R&R)
- how is it this far into August already? how is it August already?
- I should wear my glasses more often
- I want to open the windows/porch door but the kittens will climb on the screen
- want to kayak...
- I will certainly miss going back to school and Pittsburgh this year
- I won't miss the sirens, annoying college girls, creepy men looks
- I will miss campus, friends, walking about, pumpkin spice coffee before a long bones class
- I also kind of miss being able to give people dozens and dozens of free donuts at the end of a night shift. fact: everyone loves the donut fairy. especially at 1am. everyone.
- weird Harry Potter/ Pittsburgh dream
- sleepy kittens
- I bet I can throw away some of these scribbled-on  post-its on my desk...
- so many post-its

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


  1. When my friend got married last summer she had cupcakes instead of wedding cake. It was so much fun! And adorable.


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