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Posted on: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Question ladies,

Doesn't wearing your hair down mess with your peripheral vision? I don't mean having your hair covering your eyes or face with bangs or odd style choices. I mean just by having it down at the side of your face. I was trying to get things done while letting my hair dry today and I realized why having it down is so annoying to me. I felt like I couldn't do anything with it down because I couldn't see anything and it just gets everywhere.  It was like I had blinders on. Is it just because my hair is thick and poofy and I'm not used to having it down? Bobby pins and tucking behind the ear are not satisfactory explanations. How does it work?!? Please respond.


Confused and Hair Challenged in State College

picture is unrelated but I like it


  1. I'm sorry for commenting all the damn time. Hair can certainly get in the way of seeing, but I think you're just not used to it. (I've only ever seen you with your hair down one total time in my whole life and that was because we force fed you brownies and boxed wine.) When my hair is down I usually have the blinding parts pinned back in some way.

    Your hair is gorgeous and you must learn to love it. If not, I will just come touch it all day and you will be annoyed.

    PS: Is this a wedding hair-related question? Because I would recommend you get your hair done several ways (up and down and with veils and accessories) before you make that decision. I volunteer to help!!!


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