Out to Eat: Sake and Mexican

Posted on: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My lovely friend Stephanie took me out for a movie (Crazy Stupid Love), and dinner at Fuji Jade Garden on Friday. Steph guided me in my first experience with sake. After I ordered my five different types randomly from the menu based on their number or name ("Joy" and "Black and Gold" I remember...something about a whale...) and nothing else, and then actually looked at the menu, regretted my decision and redid my order (I really didn't know what was going on), our samples arrived.  It was certainly interesting. Usually I make a face when drinking strong beverages, but it was different with sake. Oh, I made faces, but they were more subtle and out of my control, kind of a twitch. I guess it's just my sake face. 
A- Gekkeikan "Traditional" 
B- Momokawa "Pearl" Nigori 
C- Moonstone "Coconut-lemongrass" Nigori 
D- Hana "Fuji Apple" 
E- Haiku

Thank you miss Steph! Tonight I went with Steph and Emma to a Mexican restaurant, Rey Azteca, I hadn't been to before. It was tasty! They gave me just the right amount of food. And it is very...festive inside. Good food, good friends. The only downside was seeing the now closed dollar theater right next door. 

Today I got a nice good morning phone call from husband, worked out, got another job, completely missed the earthquake, discovered the kittens do not like the car no matter how they get to ride in it, visited the family, got a new movie in the mail from Netflix, thought it was Monday, and forgot if I was 22 or 23 years old. No joke.  

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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