Kitten Update - 5 1/2 Months

Posted on: Thursday, August 11, 2011

I know it's not Saturday, but thought it was time to again give you a little update on the kittens, aside from pictures (but I've included pictures too! taken today on my phone with a retro camera app).

The kittens are doing well! I haven't noticed too many changes since their surgeries; they are maybe a little more calm and don't play fight with each other nearly as much now that they're growing up, though they will still chase each other around and act crazy. According to, they are about 7 years old in human years. I heard cats are about full grown at six months (but still considered kittens until 1 year when they're 18 humans years), but D & H still seem on the small side.

Darwin is a curious troublemaker, and she knows it. She jumps up on the kitchen counter, and everywhere else that she's not supposed to go. When I come into the room she jumps down, runs away and cowers a bit. So she knows, but she keeps doing it. She has also taken to climbing up the world tapestry in the hallway on occasion. I have to keep the windows and porch door closed (unfortunately) because Huxley will hop right on and climb to the top, and they are too big for that to not be a problem. Perhaps I can rub something on the screens to keep them off. Otherwise Huxley doesn't jump up on anything he's not supposed to and he's well behaved. He likes to nap on my desk sometimes when I'm at it, and on my chest when I'm going to bed. His favorite places to sleep are on the couch and on my desk chair stretched out. He's a really nice cuddly cat and likes to be near me. He enjoys toys with feathers and will keep himself entertained tossing the toy in the air and catching it. He also likes catnip. Darwin likes to sleep in the papasan chair, and various locations in my bedroom. She is a little more independent, but really likes to cuddle and sleep as close to my face as possible in the wee morning hours, and nibble on my shirt. She doesn't seem as entertained by toys but likes to watch Huxley run about. And sit on my shoulder and bite at my hair when it's wet. She will sometimes sit by the front door and meow, or jump up at the door handle, because she wants to go out. It's only a little square hallway with 4 other doors, but they both love running out there if they get the chance. Darwin will usually eat a bit more wet food than Huxley, but overall they're both less interested in the wet food than in the past. They don't meow much, usually only when we're at the door and they don't know why I'm not opening it. They are both fun and like to be held. Huxley is usually easier to photograph than Darwin, because she will go up to the lens and sniff around. Darwin also has a tendency to scratch up the litter bag, and so after I went to change the litter and it all poured out from a hole in the bag into the box (grumble), I learned to put two bags down to avoid further litter disasters.

The kittens are awesome and I'm very glad to have them. It'd be quite lonely and less interesting around here without them.

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


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