Mad Men

Posted on: Sunday, August 21, 2011

After work today I did laundry and watched a few episodes of Mad Men for the first time (with some interruptions due to the storm). So...I can't tell if it's a good show or not, mostly because it initially made me quite upset. Probably because it is filled with things I do not like, namely: men cheating on wives (I also hate wives cheating on husbands), women who sleep with married men, and oh my gosh all the smoking around children (which I also saw a lot of down at Fort Hood. poison yourself but not your itty bitty children). The things the characters say made me cringe. Also January Jones talks like that every time I've seen her, as a character or as herself, so she bugs me a bit. I think I'm learning that my issue may be with the 60s, if that's what it was like, not the show. Though I'm discovering I love a nice dose of vintage, so it's fun to see the clothes and houses and everything! I will probably, maybe keep watching...I am guilty of quickly becoming addicted to shows, whether I particularly like them or not (why I try to avoid watching new ones).

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I spent mine working, house sitting, cleaning up a bit, eating mango, missing Kyle terribly, and avoiding downtown at all costs (it was Penn State move-in weekend. yikes). 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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