Ten Things for Tuesday

Posted on: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1. The wedding is in a little over a month. We'll be starting our drive up a month from today, actually. It's weird. I am feeling a lot of things about it, including: excitement, anger, calm, worry, frustration, happiness. I feel like I could write a book about what you shouldn't say to someone who has been planning a wedding for months and it is only a month or two away. I have wedding things all over, far surpassing my one dedicated wedding box. I want to be working on it all the time but there are limits to all that I can do at the moment. My dress fit just about perfectly, so alterations are minor (just arranging the bustle, and cutting some tulle from the bottom so it doesn't brush on my feet), and it will be ready on the 15th! RSVPs are due by the 12th so...hopefully people send them in because I'm not in the mood to go asking everybody if they are coming or not. I am looking forward to the wedding, but also to the time when I do not have a wedding to plan or have to worry about what every single person thinks. I wonder what that will feel like.

2. We saw The Avengers on Sunday. It was awesome! So much fun. I did not like that Stark's chest was not consistently glowing through his shirt (editing issues?), but I really enjoyed the film. And stay for the whole credits; there are two extra scenes for you if you do! Side note, the guy one seat away from me was spitting his chewing tobacco into a cup through the whole movie, which is disgusting, but then he left his gross cup and all his other garbage sitting there. I hate it when anyone leaves any garbage in a movie theater in the first place (there are trash cans on your way out, people), but that was extra inconsiderate.

3. I had a dream in which Adam Levine and I were best friends. I mean, we met once in real life, he put his arm around me even, but I don't think us becoming best friends going to happen.

4. I also had a dream with a slew of murders a block away (though the setting was more like Pittsburgh than here) and the killer came to my house. I don't think I died. Did I mention I have a (probably) irrational fear of home invasion? It doesn't help that Kyle seems to have grown up not locking doors ever or thinking bad things can happen, and I grew up with locked doors from the inside and out, security systems, and police sometimes coming to the door and asking if you saw anyone run through your yard. Anyway, I think about home invasion a lot more than one should. I probably on a daily basis think about what I would do were someone to enter the house, go through various scenarios in which I am in different rooms. But anyway...let's talk less about my crazy.

5. Professional folks should really be on top of their emails. I've said it before. And call when they say they are going to call.

6. I really want to go on a trip somewhere. Like, out of the States. I fear this will never happen so long as the Army is in our lives. That makes me sad. But other than that, I am now ok with Kyle staying in the Army as long as he wants. Though I'm not sure about raising kids in the Army culture that I have seen around here; I don't plan on allowing swearing or smoking or excessive drinking around my kiddos.

7. Texas is not a horrible place to live, but I am looking forward to not living here. At least it is not Arizona. A fun thing about Texas is that they have booze in unsuspecting places, like Target and any gas station and Chipotle. We had margaritas with our dinner and it was delicious.

8. Our cats are the best cats.

9. Ever feel like everybody gets to have a baby but you?

10. Good things: the Castle season finale, I have the wedding program design pretty much figured out, I don't think I will have to turn on the air today!



  1. Waaaait wait wait wait, Target sells alcohol? Like, wine/beer in the aisles, or margaritas at the food court area?

    1. I've not been to the food court area in our (except the Starbucks), but they have a beer and wine aisle!

  2. 1. How exciting! Good thing you dont have to do too many alterations to your dress. The less, the better :)
    2. That is absolutely disgusting! People are such pigs sometimes, it's awful.
    3. Haha, you never know.
    4. Eek, that's a bit unnerving. I hate those kinds of dreams. I'm constantly locking our doors & windows. If someone's going to break in, I'm not going to make it easy.
    5. Agreed.
    7. Reminds me of Las Vegas, which I LOVE btw. If I can get a Bahama Mama at 9am it's automatically my favorite city haha.
    9. *sigh* Every damn month for the last year :( Our time will come. *fingers crossed*
    10. Havent seen last nights Castle episode yet but I can't wait to get to see it & yay for not having to turn on the a/c. That shit can get pretty expensive.

    Thanks for linking up doll! I had a blast reading your 10.

    1. You're awesome. I feel like we could be friends in real life.

  3. Everyone gets to have a baby but us. It's not fair. It's like, we'd be better parents than more than half of the people who are currently parents SO WHY DO WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BEING SO RESPONSIBLE AND NOT HAVING BABIES YET? Not fair. I totally get it. And when I am ready/allowed to have babies my eggs will probably be shriveled up and broken.


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