Thursday Thoughts (7)

Posted on: Thursday, May 17, 2012

{one} Kitty cats outside. They are such spazzes. They came inside and got muddy prints all over.

{two} Every now and then I just remember or am reminded that the Olympics are this summer, and that makes me really happy. If you didn't know, I love the Olympics. So much. Summer and Winter. I wrote my college application essay about the Olympics. There is nothing greater than the opening ceremonies.

{three} Less than one month until the wedding! I am so so excited to see everyone!

{four} I love this sentiment from a Keep Calm Gallery print, titled "Rules of Friendship." It is simple, basic, and true.

{five} I finally finished reading The Help (I needed to slow down with a book, after speeding through The Hunger Games). It was really good, and the movie was definitely a great adaptation. It got me thinking that not too long ago, my life would have been very different, as a half-black half-white woman I would have been an outcast, and my current relationship would have been illegal. Crazy. Too bad people in this country are still crazy.

{six} I watched a PBS show last night (Bones of Turkana) about the Leakeys (a super famous name in anthropology) and their discoveries at Lake Turkana in Africa, finding Australopithecus, homo habilis and all sorts of cool remains of our ancient ancestors. Ah, so cool. It makes me miss my anthropology classes, science and discovery of human origins, bones. We came upon a skeleton of a creature hiking up to our camping spot last weekend; I kind of wanted to take it home and take a closer look at it. Anyway, if I ever end up a teacher, I think I would most enjoy teaching a human origins class. It would be so much fun, and I could get bones and skulls and go on a field trip to the zoo.  I can always teach my own future kiddos, though! :)

{seven} Apparently this exists. We must try some. (Thanks Jilli!)

{eight} Liam Neeson is the coolest.

{nine} I had been doubting my choice in wedding earrings for a little while, unsure how they would go with my yet-to-be-worked-out hairstyle, and feeling like they may be too bulky at the top, especially as I have multiple piercings in each ear. I love the earrings, but I didn't want to end up stuck with something that didn't really work or that I thought didn't look right in the end, so I found another pair. The earrings are lighter, delicate and gold made to look incredibly like lace, and I am in love with the matching cuff bracelet. I am sure between my two options I will be ready to go on the day!

{ten} I had about an hour long chat with the DJ planner today this afternoon. I felt kind of dumb because she would ask "whats your first dance song?" and I didn't have one, and "are you doing the bouquet/garter toss?" and I didn't know, and that happened a few more times, but it was all OK if I didn't know everything yet. The meeting was both stressful and really helpful, so ultimately good, and I think they will be a lot of fun keeping the party going. So, now we need to pick a first dance song. But, we have an entrance song, and cake cutting song (such a thing exists, I now know). I keep being told by vendors that on the day I am supposed to be stress free, relax and have fun, but I don't know how that happens! Maybe by starting the day with mimosas...



  1. I keep telling people how excited I am for the Olympics and everyone's response is, "Oh, the Olympics are this summer??" haha. I'msoexcited! :)

  2. haha i love your kitties in the tree! their eyes are so big!

  3. Love that pic of the racial mixing! I totally agree!

  4. I really hope your cake cutting song is "How Sweet It Is (To be Loved by You)" #ilovepuns

    1. haha! "Sweet Caroline" actually :) We had it on the "to play" list as it is a part of Pitt football games, and the DJ was listing song suggestions for the cake cutting and I figured that would be perfect.

    2. AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we yell "Penn State Sucks" despite being in State College? LOL I'll behave. I promise.

  5. Oh man, I remember those weeks before the wedding, trying to get all the little details settled. I remember I had a major shoe crisis. At the time that it happened it was SO stressful and I thought I was just going to melt from the pressure. You'll survive girl and I can't wait to see the pictures when it is all over!

    new follower :)

    1. Aw, thank you!
      Happy to have you following along! :)


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