Dreaming of Baby

Posted on: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I can't help it. I know I know I know. I know. Oh I know. I've just wanted to be a mom since forever (and had a running list of baby names in my head, too), and things are almost aligned so that that can happen. It doesn't help that babies and kids not in short supply in the Army community (or blogging world, it seems). And that one of my best friends is equally anticipating baby time (but also locked into grad school for the next two years). And then Pinterest makes the day dreaming so easy, so so easy. So, I think about it from time to time. My Klout for some reason says I am influential about babies (an achievement, I guess? considering I do not have one). And one night apparently I was talking in my sleep, something about a baby. Nothing wrong with that. My family used to say growing up that I was for sure going to get married and have maybe seven children (We only want three, I think). Anyway, timing is not quite right yet (grad school), but I am dreaming of the future, filled with little ones and no sleep and spit up cute things all over. A girl can dream (and talk out loud in her sleep), can't she?

{I think I would have love love loved this little mouse house idea when I was little. So clever.} 



  1. Seriously, do you have ANY idea how much I'm going to spoil your little one when you have him/her?! ;-)

    I have to say, I'm right on the baby fever train with you. It has been KILLING me not to just resort to BEGGING my hubby to let us start trying for another. Sometimes I resent life event that keep something like this from happening ;-) lol! It's for the best though! haha!

  2. I get it. We will just have to Pinterest cute baby things for a couple years...and then we can pool our kids together and have a hockey tournament (you have a team, I have a team--or we can mix and match!).

  3. Oh great, now my baby fever's back haha. That is some adorable stuff, especially those teeny sandals. Love them.


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