Last Week (or Two) in Instagram

Posted on: Friday, May 25, 2012

Every night a few minutes after I head to bed, Hux comes in and chills out on my torso for 5-20 minutes, getting some attention and drooling on me. Every night. It's one of my favorite times of day. / Bully Hill wine- this is my new favorite!  / I made some Funfetti cookies. / Hux chilling at the window. 
Delicious pineapple popsicle with chunks of pineapple. / D being weird under the chair. / a huge beetle stuck in the pot. / spray-painting some more!
Hanging out in the backyard. / new sandals, I love. 
D getting cuddly with Kyle; so cute. / new read. / YUM. Cucumber on bread I picked up in Finland for sure. / second option earrings for the wedding- but I think I will likely go with these; they are gorgeous.
I wrapped up bridesmaids gifts! / Hux panting outside haha! / Texas sun. / napping Hux.
Freezing bananas for "ice cream." / bottles lined up. /  D trying to get down from her hiding spot. / jars & straws.
a couple more kitty pictures. 

You can follow along @mrssmcp. But be warned, it is mostly pictures of cats. :)



  1. i love those kitties-i'm totally finding you on instagram!


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