Thursday Thoughts (8)

Posted on: Thursday, May 24, 2012

{one} Kitties. Huxley was sleeping on Kyle's backpack that he takes when he's on the motorcycle. Huxley also slept on Kyle's laptop that day. I guess he missed him.

watching the world through the window

{two} Don't these look delicious? Riesling strawberry slushie. We should probably make some this summer. I've already got the straws...

{three} On Tuesday I randomly decided to actually make an effort at drinking that 8 glasses of water they say you're supposed to drink every day. On a normal day I maybe drink, 2? Tuesday went well. Yesterday I had a bad migraine and felt nauseous until about 4 or 5 in the evening, which I thought was really dumb the day after I was about as hydrated as I've ever been, but I managed 4 glasses. I've had 6 so far today, slight headache. I have to add a little lemon or lime juice sometimes because it gets pretty darn boring chugging water all day.

{four} Getting a new header and button design from Joelle! I'm excited to see what she comes up with! I need my header to be pretty simple and not too personalized, or else I feel the need to change it all the time. I want something that is nice, clean, and fun, and I'm sure she will make it happen!

{five} The upcoming Great Gatsby movie... looks pretty cool.

{six} Kyle has a four day weekend for the holiday! We were thinking of going to Sea World in San Antonio, but it will probably be crazy busy, and I don't like people that much. (said the social work student...hahahoho)

{seven} My biology class is over in a few days. The last week is just a group project. I volunteered to put it all together in a powerpoint, because I like making powerpoints and don't trust other people to make them nice, so I don't mind the extra work, so long as they all have their parts to me by Saturday as agreed. This online class has been...super easy and mostly boring, but oh well. Last time I will say that about any class for a while, I imagine!

{eight} Today I am very very excited and looking forward to wedding week! I can't wait to get into the farm and start setting everything up. I've got all this stuff in boxes and packaging and I want to see it out and unwrapped! Also I will be seeing so many people so soon, some I haven't seen in a couple years, some in five years, some in ten years- not since I moved from California to PA!

{nine} My good friend from high school, Kendall, got married last weekend! What a beautiful shot! I can't wait to hear about her wedding when I'm back up in PA for ours (we're having ours at the same location, too!) Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Feather! :) Kendall wrote a guest post about her flowers, you can find here.

{ten} Whale bookends. That's all.


  1. Dude, love those whale bookends, and I cannot wait to see the new design! I didn't know Joelle did blog design (although I knew she did her own) so I'm excited to see it!

  2. Love those bookends & that photo is gorgeous. Your cats are pretty beautiful, too! =)

    Keep Shining,

  3. Those bookends are amazing! I'm the same way with blog headers, they have to be non-seasonal and non-personal or else I get obsessive about changing them! Oh, and I was a social work major :) Well, for three years. Now I have been on an extended (three year) hiatus. Maybe one day I will finish that fourth year!

  4. Everytime I see your blog it makes me want cats. They are so cute! :)

  5. That drink looks so delicious! Can't wait to see what your new header looks like. I bet it's going to super cute :)


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