The Wedding Approaches

Posted on: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Friday will be two weeks until the wedding, this Saturday is one week until we start our two day drive up to PA! I made a bunch of phone calls for various things yesterday- a couple regarding a cocktail hour surprise (so so excited for this one; I want to share so badly but I want it to be a surprise for our guests), one securing an extra bathroom being delivered to the farm (complete with AC and running water-nothing gross here!), booking the hotel, and a phone meeting with the wedding planner (we brought one in to make sure everything was going in the right direction these last couple months, since I'm so far away and we've never done this before). Looks like our guest count is 81, out of 120 invited! Pretty good; most who can't come live in Finland or across the country/far from PA, so it is understandable. Since Kyle and I went to high school together, we have pretty much the same friends, so that kept the guest list from getting way up there. We will all fit comfortably in the farm. So, what do these last few weeks consist of? Well- lots of phone calls and emails- checking in with all the vendors, giving them the final guest count and making sure we're all set to go. Figuring out the timeline for the week of the wedding. Making any last decisions on things that might need to be purchased or made. Making sure you have the right number of things for the number of guests; assigning tables. Finalizing the program and plan for the days events. Lots of emails (again). Lots of post-it notes. Lots of excitement building!

whatever gets written on here will look much better. I was just testing out the white chalk I finally found!

Sorry this isn't much of a post. Today was a stay-in-workout-clothes-all-day-after-working-out-because-I-just-jumped-right-into-doing-things-and-those-clothes-are-super-comfy kind of day. Huxley understands. 

Also, I will pick a new blog header soon! I think I needed some time to not think about it to be able to make a decision. 



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